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Carpet is a popular option
for commercial flooring

Flooring Installation Systems offers a wide variety of beautiful, durable carpets in different styles, colors and textures that will enhance any commercial space.

Features & benefits

There’s a reason why carpet remains the most popular type of flooring today. Compared to its hard-surface flooring counterparts, carpet boasts numerous features and benefits that make it extremely versatile. It not only adds comfort and warmth to any commercial space, but it also provides insulation. Therefore, carpeted spaces are typically cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus, carpet reduces the amount of echo and noise within a space, so you can enjoy a relatively quiet atmosphere. What’s more, carpet eliminates the risk of slipping by increasing surface traction, providing a valuable element of safety to commercial spaces.

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Carpet is a great value for commercial applications.

It is affordable, and offers a huge selection of different styles, colors and textures to meet every budget and commercial décor preference. Carpet is also easy to clean and maintain, with many of today’s brands manufactured with stain-resistant products. The proper vacuum and guidance for spills is generally all that’s required to keep carpet looking like new, no matter how much foot traffic your commercial space experiences.

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Trusted carpet brands.
We’re proud that our catalog includes the highest quality of carpets from the most trusted brands, including Mohawk, Shaw, and Mannington.

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